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Chicago Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Following Horse Bite

The Chicago Sun-Times reported earlier this month on a unique Illinois injury lawsuit that has been filed on behalf of a woman who lost part of her finger after a bizarre horse bite. The victim was a 65-year old who took her grandchildren to the Glenview Park District’s Wagner Farm. She was with a family group to attend last year’s Harvest Festival and bonfire.

The grandmother brought her grandchildren to the farm to feed the horses. The children joined a large group that was near the animals with food. The grandmother stepped away from the crowd so that she could get a better view of the children for a picture. However, as she was preparing to take the photo a horse came upon her and bit down on her right hand.

The woman explained the incident by noting that she “could feel a sucking feeling and then a crunch, and he opened his mouth, and I pulled my hand out, and it was gone.” The animal had bitten off her right index finger to the first knuckle. She attempted to control her emotions and pain so as not to startle her grandchildren. Emergency crews eventually arrived and took the victim away.

The woman commented on being fortunate that her grandchildren were not injured. If they had been near the horse it’s possible that the gelding could have inflicted even more damage on a young child. The injury has had significant impacts on the woman’s life. She has difficulty typing, because of a permanent burning sensation in her finger. This has made it difficult to work, as she does payroll for a Chicago business. Simple tasks are also near impossible, like turning a key in a knob.

The justice system is specifically available for people like the victim in this case who suffer losses that could have been prevented by the reasonable action of others. Each of our Illinois personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti understands how every case-no matter how big or small-has significant meaning and consequences for the parties involved. We are proud to help those victims receive the fairness that they deserve.

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