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Chicago Injury Lawyers reach $1.2 million Settlement

Chicago injury lawyer Susan L. Novosad recently obtained a $1.2 million Illinois premises liability settlement on behalf of an Illinois injured victim. In 2002, the plaintiff was employed by the defendant as a general handyman on the estate. The injured plaintiff was gardening on the property near a greenhouse when a large selection of the façade of the greenhouse fell onto the plaintiff, causing him to suffer severe and permanent injuries. He suffered crush injury, lumbar plexopathy, radiculopathy, hip and back pain, sensory numbness, impairment, weakness, concussion, and depression.

Third party defendants were hired by the defendant to evaluate the greenhouse structure and found that the greenhouse was structurally unsound and in an unstable condition. However, the third party defendants failed to notify the city in which the defendant’s estate was located of the greenhouse’s inhabitable condition. The third party defendants also failed to secure the site around the structure to prevent personal injuries to people lawfully on the premises, like the personal injury plaintiff. The defendant estate owner was aware that the greenhouse structure was unsafe and unfit, but failed to fix the condition of the greenhouse and failed to take appropriate measures to prohibit the Illinois premises liability plaintiff from accessing the area near the greenhouse. But, the defendant chose to make no repairs to ensure the safety of others due to the costly nature.