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Chicago Home Explodes And Bursts Into Flames

A recently renovated and “beautiful” home on the South Side in Chicago partially exploded and officials say it may collapse at any time. A still and box alarm was called for a house and fire and explosion. Multiple explosions were heard inside the 2.5-story home, which seemed to be up for sale. Heavy fire filled the inside of the residence, and the back wall of the house was structurally compromised. Crews were fighting the blaze from the outside and could not immediately search the home due to the possibility of a full collapse. The blast may have been caused after the house filled with gas. This sometimes happens to new or rehabbed homes when people steal copper from the buildings. The home was recently renovated and had a large deck surrounding it. Multiple smaller blasts were heard while crews were on the scene and officials will determine whether it’s safe to search the building when the fire is out. There have been no reports of personal injuries but the home had not been search yet. To read the full story, click here.