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Chicago family reaches $850,000 settlement in premises liability lawsuit

Jiffy Lube has agreed to settle a personal injury lawsuit with the family of an 88 year-old Illinois injury victim who was hurt due to a fall at a Chicago Jiffy Lube. The personal injuries resulted in the victim’s untimely death four weeks after the fall. Susan Novosad of Levin & Perconti represented the victim’s family in the wrongful death lawsuit.

In October 2006, the victim visited a Chicago Jiffy Lube for a routine oil change. After the oil change, the 88 year-old victim slipped on an arrow painted on the driveway of the Jiffy Lube and fell. It had rained earlier during the day, which caused the arrow to be slippery. Employees of Jiffy Lube had complained previously to management about the safety hazard.

The personal injury victim suffered a fractured right pelvis, a fractured acetabulum, and a fractured right shoulder in the fall. While being prepared for surgery for the personal injuries, the victim went into respiratory arrest.

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