Chicago Driver Loses Control Due to Road Conditions, Injures 5

Anytime you flip on a Chicago local news broadcast, you are bound to hear accounts of motor vehicle accidents involving personal injuries. However, it’s not every day that you hear about a vehicle crashing through a building, let alone a veterinarian’s office. A recent accident in the NW Side of Chicago caught the attention of news junkies and pet lovers alike.

An article by the Chicago Tribune reports that on January 31st, five people suffered personal injuries after an SUV hit a veterinary clinic in the Avondale neighborhood in Chicago. Four people were inside the vehicle, and the driver claimed that she struck a pothole and lost control of the vehicle. When the SUV crashed through the wall, there were five people in the waiting area, but no clients or pets were injured.

In this particular case, it is not clear whether negligence played a role in the SUV accident. However, it our attorneys believe this example should remind drivers how important it is to be aware and in constant control of your vehicle any time you are on the road, because you never know when dangerous conditions will pop up. If someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident, because a driver did not employ safe driving practices, the victim may be able to hold the driver accountable in court for negligence. In these instances, the court applies a test to reason as to whether the victim’s injuries were a consequence in the chain of events from an accident that followed from a driver’s recklessness. If it is determined that a victim would not have been injured but for the driver’s lack of care on the roads, the court deems that the driver breached a duty of care to the victim and is liable for the victim’s injuries.

Then, a victim can obtain justice for their losses through monetary compensation. The court’s aim is to restore the victim to the situation in which they were in before suffering injuries from the accident. In hopes to restore the victim to the pre-accident status quo, the court often awards monetary compensation to victims for medical costs and lost wages. The reasoning is that but for the accident occurring, the victim would not have lost earnings from their job nor had to pay for injuries and healthcare. Providing this compensation restores the victim to their position before the accident and puts them in a financial position as if the accident had not occurred. When applying this to the accident described above, victims may be able to seek damages to compensation them for their medical bills, loss of wages or the cost of future medical treatment and rehabilitation. These are costs they would not be facing had the accident not occurred.

If you have been injured as the result of an auto collision where you believe the driver was not using the care owed to you, you too may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and financial losses. our lawyers would be happy to evaluate your case and advise you of your legal options.

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