Chicago CTA Blue Line Train Derails, 32 Injured in Accident

News of an accident on one of Chicago’s most traveled CTA lines shocked many and flooded local media outlets. According to an article by CBS News, a CTA blue line train derailed at the O’Hare Airport stop and traveled onto the platform and up the escalator. Security footage showed the train going much too fast for arriving at its stop and didn’t stop at the bumping post absorber at the end of the tracks. As a result, 32 people on board suffered personal injuries. Thankfully, no one suffered any life-threatening injuries.

What is extremely shocking about this incident is that it is unlike typical accidents we have heard of occurring on the CTA trains and buses. This wasn’t a mere stalling or malfunction. Instead, the train plowed off of the rails and onto the platform, crashing into the escalator. Not only does the CTA transport thousands of individuals per day, but this crash occurred at one of the busiest stops: an international airport.

This accident could have been much worse than it was, only due to timing. Had this same act of negligence occurred at a different time of the day, instead of 2:50 a.m., there easily could have been many more injuries. As one of the nation’s busiest airports, O’Hare is always packed with travelers making their way to and from the airport via the Blue Line train. Most of our lawyers have used this stop and know how congested it can be, especially during rush hours. Had this occurred at another time, the crash could have caused many more injuries, or even fatalities.

Under the law, passengers on public transportation are entitled to travel in a safe and well-functioning vehicle with a driver in a good state to operate the vehicle. If a public transportation company does not adhere to such safety measures, they have been negligent and are the cause of resulting injuries in an accident. Remember, that under tort law, employers are liable for the tortious actions of their employees because employees act as agents for the company, meaning that their actions have been authorized under the direction of the employer for their work. Because of the law, both the Blue Line operator and CTA as a company could be liable for the accident and resulting personal injuries that occurred in this crash.

For over 20 years, our Chicago accident attorneys have represented plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits and helped them obtain justice and compensation for their injuries. If you have been injured in a train or other type of public transportation accident, you may be able to hold the operator and any negligence employees accountable for your injuries and suffering in a lawsuit. Remember that it is vital to take early action to protect your rights. Our firm would be happy to discuss your potential claim with you in a free consultation. Call us today, and we may be able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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