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Chicago bus crash under investigation

Over the weekend, a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus crash caused almost forty people personal injuries. The Chicago bus accident occurred after the bus ran off of Lake Shore Drive just south of Interstate Highway 55. CTA officials announced on Sunday that they continue to investigate a Chicago bus crash that caused nearly forty individuals Chicago personal injuries. However, officials provided no new details regarding what caused a Chicago bus to jump a curb and slam into a tree along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.

More than 20 ambulances were sent to the scene of the Chicago bus crash; the express bus was described as being “full” at the time of the crash. One witness said that they oversaw the bus driver struggling to try and turn the wheel. The bus came to a halt when it slammed against the tree and jerked everyone forward. According to the Chicago Tribune, CTA buses have been involved in more collisions annually since 2008 than buses operated by the nine other largest public bus systems in the U.S. The bus accident rate since 2002 demonstrates a bus incident occurring almost daily (on average). In December 2008, the Chicago injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti blogged about another CTA accident that involved multiple personal injuries. That Chicago CTA accident involved a car and a CTA bus on the south side of Chicago and resulted in at least nine personal injuries.

More information about the Chicago bus crash injuries is available at the Chicago Tribune.