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Chicago Airplane Crash Lawsuit Filed After Evidence Arises Pointing to Potential of Engine Failure

Although the crash happened internationally, the Associated Press reports that a man whose wife died when a commercial airliner crashed into a crowded neighborhood overseas has recently filed a lawsuit here in Chicago that blames the accident, at least in part, on U.S. companies that designed, manufactured, and sold parts for, the defective plane.

The lawsuit was filed this month in the U.S. District Court in Chicago on behalf of the man whose wife was one of the victims of a plane crash that also happened earlier this month, and which killed at least 153 passengers who were on-board the aircraft, as well as an undetermined number of civilians on the ground. Because a complete death toll could take several weeks to complete, officials aren’t yet sure of the extent of the damage, though reports indicate that the aircraft crashed into two apartment buildings and two local businesses.

Apparently, as the airplane was on its way down, the flight’s captain radioed air traffic controllers, declaring an emergency because both of the aircraft’s engines had failed. As a result, the suit is being brought against, among others, Chicago-based Boeing Co., which bought the McDonnell-Douglas manufacturer of the plane, and American-based engine-maker Pratt & Whitney, reports the Associated Press.

Boeing is one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers, and the third-largest aerospace and defense contractor in the world. Pratt & Whitney, the producers of the plane’s allegedly faulty engine, is an American aerospace manufacturer, and is considered one of the three largest aero-engine manufacturers in the world, selling products in more than 180 countries around the world.

Although the cause of the accident has not yet been concretely determined, the Chicago aviation accident lawsuit was filed to ensure that the man’s attorneys would have legal recourse to request the plane’s flight voice and data recorders and other evidence, said the Associated Press
An important concept in Illinois personal injury law is the idea that companies are responsible for ensuring the safety of products that they put on the market, including automobile parts that are used as parts of motor vehicles. Corporations are expected to test their merchandise to ensure that the products conform to applicable safety regulations, and when dangerous or defective products are disseminated to the public, the companies may be held legally responsible for injuries that arise from the use of those hazardous products. This is especially true when the companies’ products are used as elements in public transportation where the potential to harm a large number of people is great.

If, in fact, investigations reveal that the airplane’s equipment was faulty, under notions of products liability law, either the manufacturer of the airplane’s engines or the airline who was responsible for the plane’s repairs may be liable for damages resulting from the tragic deaths. The airline would be responsible for maintaining safe equipment, and if their failure to do so led to the crash, they could be held legally responsible for the deaths.

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