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Chemical Spill Prompts Evacuation of High School

A hazardous materials spill caused a minor explosion in a science lab of a Chicago suburban school. Both students and faculty at Hoffman Estates High were sent outside in response to a fire alarm prompted by a chemical reaction. Students were transferred to the gymnasium. No students were personally injured, but two staff members were sent to the hospital as a precaution for personal injuries. One of them inhaled vapors and was expected to be released that afternoon. The chemical spill happened when someone dumped an unknown chemical into a sink in a science lab. The chemical reacted with water in the drain trap and caused the drain pipe to blow open. This small explosion knocked over some household cleaning chemicals which had spilled onto the floor of the lab. The crews isolated the area where the spill occurred and the private “HazMat mitigation team” was contacted. To read the full story, click here.