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Our Chicago personal injury attorneys were interested to read about the city of Chicago’s newest safety campaign focusing on pedestrian well-being.

The Chicago Department of Transportation has put together a movement intended to raise pedestrian safety awareness throughout the city. Last year in Chicago alone, 32 pedestrians were killed, and another 3000 injured in traffic crashes. According to studies funded by the federal transportation department, almost 80 percent of Chicago automobile accidents involving pedestrians occur when pedestrians are crossing the street with the light in their favor.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Wacker Drive in Chicago has been lined with 32 mannequins to symbolize the 32 pedestrians killed in automobile accidents last year in Chicago. The mannequins are intended to raise safety awareness, and each is dressed in a black tee shirt that reads “ONE of 32 Pedestrians Killed last Year in Chicago.” In addition to the mannequins, Chicagoans will see informational messages on busses, bus shelters, trashcans, and other common visible areas.

An Illinois wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the family of the woman who was struck and killed by a tour bus in the Steeterville neighborhood of Chicago earlier this month. The young victim was a Polish immigrant who grew up in Germany. She graduated from the school of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree. The Chicago wrongful death lawsuit is filed against the bus company, alleging that the bus company was negligent in hiring the driver. The driver in the Chicago car accident was arrested after the wrongful death of the 24 year-old Chicago victim and remains in jail on aggravated DUI charges. Chicago police and Cook County prosecutors report that the driver, who was 47 years of age, had cocaine in his system at the time of the May 3 Streeterville car accident. Additionally, the driver’s commercial driver’s license was suspended in August 3, 2008 when he was cited for speeding and driving without insurance, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

The Chicago Tribune reported that when the driver was arrested, officials also learned that the driver was the subject of a police investigation accusing him of sexually assaulting two girls. He was charged in those incidents. The Chicago wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the bus group should not have hired the driver because of the investigative alert and the driver’s two prior convictions. Further, the Chicago wrongful death lawsuit contends that the bus group should have known of the driver’s alleged cocaine use.
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It has not even been a week since the Cook County accident attorneys blogged about the dangers of Chicago-area train crossings. Unfortunately, such accidents were in the news again recently after a Chicago teenage boy received serious personal injuries after being hit by a Metra commuter train on Chicago’s Northwest Side on Tuesday afternoon.

The Chicago Breaking News Center reported that the Chicago train injury accident occurred at roughly 3:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday afternoon as a group of teenagers ran across the tracks near the intersection of Northwest Highway and Nagle Avenue. While the other Chicago teenagers made it across the tracks safely, the 17 year-old teenage boy received serious injuries and was rushed to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois. The Cook County train injury accident occurred close (less than one-half of a mile) from Taft High School.

Disheartening reports reveal that Taft High School students “commonly” race across the railroad tracks at Northwest Highway at Nagle Avenue after the red light have already started flashing. The lights flash when the trains appear to be roughly a mile from the intersection. This particular railroad crossing recently topped a list of dangerous railroad crossings in the six-county Chicago region, according to data released from the Illinois Commerce Commission. This railroad crossing had five vehicle-train accidents between 2005 and 2009.

A rail crossing that is infamous for Chicago railroad car crashes is set to be rebuilt this month in order to improve safety before high school classes resume for students who cross the path over the railroad to get to school. Additionally, the Illinois Commerce Commission has urged that the city of Chicago increase traffic enforcement to reduce Chicago train-vehicle crashes at the congested Nagle Avenue crossing on the Union Pacific Railroad corridor.

According to a Chicago Tribune report, vehicles can be stopped on the tracks at Nagle and many other dangerous Chicago railroad crossings on a daily basis, which is seriously dangerous. Drivers routinely take those risks and despite knowledge of the consistent law breaking, most of the hundreds of tickets issued to drivers at the Chicago railroad crossing for failing to yield to trains or for stopping on the tracks were issued by Union Pacific police, not Chicago police officers. Planned changes to increase safety are planned for between August 23 and September 3 and include new signs, better pavement markings, and new concrete crossing panels. City of Chicago traffic engineers are also evaluating whether changes in the timing of signals would keep the rail crossing clear of vehicles when the traffic lights change from green to red.

More information about the fixes for the dangerous Chicago railroad crossing is available at the Chicago Tribune.

The numbers are shocking and eye-opening. Nearly 300,000 Chicago traffic accidents occur yearly and a Chicago deadly accident takes place every 21.5 hours. However, one study shows that some measures have resulted in about 200 lives being saved each year in Chicago. The rates of deadly Chicago traffic accidents and serious Illinois personal injuries have decreased significantly since the early 1990’s due in large part to safety enhancements on Illinois roads in addition to newer motor vehicles that offer a better change of surviving Chicago car accidents. The annual number of deaths and injuries from vehicle accidents in the Chicago area fell 12.5 percent from 2002 to 2005 and fatalities alone decreased 30.5 percent from 2005 to 2008, from 629 deaths annually to 437. The statistics are based on data collected by the Illinois Department of Transportation. DuPage County recorded the lowest fatality rates over the entire period studied and suburban Cook County and Lake County had the second lowest fatality rates. Illinois’s tougher seat belt laws as well as roadside checks aimed at catching drunk or otherwise impaired motorists are also helping to cut the rate of deadly crashes.

Nonetheless, there is still a lot of improvement to be made in Illinois road safety. In the city of Chicago, one of the biggest challenges will be decreasing vehicle-pedestrian accidents. Further, despite the greatest decline between 2002 and 2008, the crash rates are still highest in the city – three times the rate of some rural areas. Almost 25 percent of fatal crashes in Chicago involve pedestrians. Additionally, fatal Chicago vehicle accidents occur across the Chicago metropolitan area late at night. Traffic fatalities occurring at night accounted for more than a third of all vehicle-related deaths in the Chicago region in 2008.

You can read the full Chicago traffic deaths and injuries report by clicking the link.

Police in the city of Berwyn outside of Chicago were seeking the driver of a black Dodge Charger this morning after a fatal hit-and-run. A 47 year-old man was struck and killed in the Illinois hit-and-run. Police ask anyone with information to call them at 708-795-5600.

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A Chicago man has died after a pedestrian car accident this weekend. The 25 year-old Chicago man was walking to a gas station as he was hit by two cars. The first driver left the scene of the car accident without reporting the accident. A search did lead to the arrest of the first driver.

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A jury last week awarded $27.5 million to a woman who lost her left leg after a bus ran her over. The personal injury plaintiff was run over while a bus was turning a corner two blocks from her apartment in 2005. The personal injury plaintiff had her leg amputated and has worn a prosthetic leg ever since.

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A Chicago man struck by a vehicle on the near south side died from his personal injuries. At about 6:30 am on Friday, a woman was driving north when a man ran in front of her, causing her to strike him with her vehicle.

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