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A personal injury lawsuit settlement has been reached in one of the hundreds of personal injury lawsuits filed against Yamaha and its Rhino utility-terrain vehicle (UTV) for saety problems and product liability concerns. This is the first successful case against Yahama in connection to the UTV product liability problems. The injury victim in the settlement filed the injury lawsuit after sustaining a crushed left leg during a low-speed rollover event. The UTV was being operated at a low speed on a relatively flat and grassy area. The vehicle tipped during a right turn, falling onto the driver’s side, trapping the victim’s leg under the UTV. The injuries sustained were severe and permanent.

ATVs are all-terrain vehicles, vehicles that travel on low pressure tires with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control. They were first introduced in the early 1970s and almost immediately resulted in alarming personal injury rates for adolescents and children. Statistics released by the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that in 2005, there were an estimated 136,700 personal injuries associated with ATVs treated in United States hospital emergency rooms. In 2004, 767 people died in ATV-associated incidents.

A UTV, on the other hand, is a “side by side” where 2 or 4 people can drive off-road. The majority of UTVs come with a roll over protection system. Many may also come equipped with hard tops, windshields, and even cab enclosures. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that the vehicle may exhibit inadequate lateral stability, undesirable steering characteristics, and inadequate occupant protection during a rollover crash. Between 2003 and 2009, 116 deaths occurred in UTV accidents.

An Illinois motorcycle accident lawsuit has recently settled for $1.25 million. The personal injury lawsuit involved a negligent left-hand turn that resulted in an accident between a motorcycle and a vehicle. The personal injury victim suffered vertebral fractures and other trauma.

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A Chicago rapper was killed in a weekend Chicago motorcycle crash. His motorcycle collided with a van in a Chicago car accident on Saturday. The car accident victim died only a couple of hours later.

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A Joliet, Illinois man died after losing control of his motorcycle while trying to merge onto Interstate Highway 80 in Joliet, Illinois. The 45 year old man lost control of his Harley-Davidson after colliding with a ramp guardrail. The motorcycle rolled several times, and the man was thrown off. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The man was riding alone and not wearing a helmet. Police also stated that he was not licensed to drive a motorcycle. At this time no lawsuits have been filed. To read the full story, click here.

A young man was killed while riding his motorcycle in Chicago, Illinois. He was riding his motorcycle when a pickup truck collided into him, causing an automobile accident. The truck, which had ran the stop sign, fled the scene. The truck was found abandoned a mile away from the scene. A man is currently held on bond in connection of the hit-and run death and is charged with failing to report an accident involving death or injury. Although the motorcyclist usually wore a helmet, he was not wearing one at the time of crash because he was traveling a short distance. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation statistics this is the 16th motorcycle accident to end in death. At this point, no lawsuit or wrongful death suits have been filed. To read the full story, click here.

A man from the Chicago suburbs is listed in fair condition after having personal injuries from a motorcycle accident. The motorcyclist was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. The motorcycle crashed into a Jeep after crossing the center line. The driver of the jeep had minor personal injuries and was released from care. The motorcycle driver was taken by helicopter to an Illinois hospital to treat his personal injuries. At this point, no lawsuits have been filed. To read the full story, click here.

An Illinois man was killed last night after he crashed his motorcycle into a viaduct in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. He lost control of his bike which then hit a curb and finally ran into the viaduct. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital but pronounced dead with an hour. No one else has been reported injured. Read more here.

An off duty police officer from a near Chicago, Illinois suburb was involved in a motorcycle crash. The motorcycle accident left the police officer with serious personal injuries. The injured motorcyclist was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The crash occurred when the motorcycle was crossing a highway exit ramp. There is no word yet if the motorcycle accident will result in a premises liability claim against the state for negligent premises maintenance. To read this tragic story click here.

A woman in a Northwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois has passed away after a pedestrian accident occurred. The pedestrian was caught in a motorcycle accident which left her suffering from serious personal injuries eventually resulting in her death. The death has thus far been declared a motor vehicle accident. There is no word yet if any personal injury lawsuits or wrongful death suits have been filed against the driver in the motorcycle accident. To read more on this tragic story click here.

Research has found that eliminating state helmet requirement for motorcyclists has dramatically increased the number of personal injuries and subsequent health care costs. In one state that recently eliminated its helmet laws, the study found fatal head injuries rose 66% while head injury hospitalizations nearly doubled. This study mirrors research from other states that has found riders not wearing a helmet are 32 times more likely to be in a fatal or serious accident. Although advocates of no helmet laws argue it is a personal choice that has no impact on society at large, data shows these accidents lead to higher insurance and health care costs for everyone else. In response, many states without helmet laws are reforming advocating consumer safety.

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