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It’s becoming more and more common in the city of Chicago to use bicycles not just as a means for exercise or recreation, but as a method of transportation and a means to get from Point A to Point B. More frequently, Chicagoans are using bicycles for commuting to work and school or to travel for their chores and errands. The city has even recently seen the addition of bicycle lanes throughout major downtown streets. However, with more and more cyclists on the road, drivers and cyclists alike need to work together to learn to share the road and watch out for one another. When parties are negligent, accidents are almost always extremely serious, especially considering the difference is size and speed between a motor vehicle and a bicycle.

A recent article by the Chicagoist relayed some most unfortunate news about a Chicago bicyclist. An individual on a bicycle was struck by a car at a three-way intersection in the neighborhood of Lincoln Park. According to the original report, authorities believed that upon collision the cyclist died. Now, however, police are reporting that the cyclist survived the collision. Police stated that the individual is talking and in stable condition.

When the accident occurred, the cyclist was near the intersections of Lincoln Avenue, Fullerton Parkway, and Halsted Street around 12:30 in the afternoon – a busy lunch hour time in the city, where many leave work to grab a bite to eat. It is not uncommon for roads to be busy at this time, and all the more reason that everyone on the road needs to be vigilant drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. At this time, the cyclist was hit by a car that was turning right on to Fullerton Avenue.
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Bicycling has greatly increased as a method of transportation in Chicago, both for commuting and leisure. However, when there is a lack of safety, whether on the part of motorists or the cyclists, serious bicycling accidents can and do occur. By reporting on and discussing such accidents with our readers, our attorneys hope to raise awareness of bicycle safety to both motorists and cyclists so that accidents can be avoided and prevented.

According to a recent article by the Chicago Tribune, a bicyclist was killed in an accident in the Chicago neighborhood of Bridgeport. The report indicates that the bicylist was struck by an SUV while riding through a red light. Around11 p.m., the cyclist was riding west on 33rd Street and failed to stop at a red light at the intersection on Emerald Avenue. This occurred about four blocks from the cyclist’s home in Bridgeport.

Even though the driver of the SUV was cited for not having a driver’s license, it appears from the report that the collision with the cyclist was not the fault of the motorist, exemplifying the notion that in addition to motorists safely sharing the roads with cyclists, cyclists need to ride safely and defensively and follow the same rules of the road that motor vehicles must follow. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, by law, bicycles are vehicles and therefore share the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles. That is why cyclists must also obey the rules of the road, such as stopping at red lights and stop signs. Cyclists can also take steps to keep themselves safer while driving, such as wearing a helmet to protect the most vital area of their body from injury. Also, bicyclists should use extra caution when riding their bicycle at night since they are more difficult to see. Reflective clothing and bicycle lights help make cyclists more visible.
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What is great about Chicago and its surrounding areas is the diverse neighborhoods and communities. There is always something for people of all ages, especially with our numerous and vast parks and open outdoor recreational spaces. However, bear in mind that Chicago is also a heavily populated area with extremely busy streets and oftentimes congested traffic. When drivers are not vigilant and engage in negligent behavior, many innocent bystanders can suffer personal injuries or wrongful death.

Negligence can even cause injury to the most innocent of victims – the children of Chicago. It is a common sight to see children at play throughout Chicago, with many children’s events at museums, playgrounds, day camps at the parks, and popular outdoor activities like bicycling or playing ball. When people are negligent with children in vicinity, children cannot properly defend themselves from imminent injury because they are too young to mentally understand and grasp an oncoming danger. They are also extremely small that a collision may harm them much worse than fully grown adults.

One Chicago father has filed a lawsuit against a driver who allegedly hit his son in a crosswalk while e was riding a bike, according to the Cook County Record. The father described how his son was injured after a van hit him as he was crossing the street in a crosswalk. The father has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the minor child in Cook County Circuit Court alleging negligence and battery. The complaint elaborates that the boy was riding his bicycle in a crosswalk within a school zone in order to cross West 59th street at the intersection of South Kolin Avenue. The boy became unconscious as a result of the collision and required immediate care in the emergency room for his injuries.
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Collisions between motor vehicles and bicycles often result in serious personal injuries or even death. When injuries result from a bicycle accident, they are often serious and can forever change the victim’s life. These injuries can include nerve damage, injuries to the head, and broken bones. Such serious injuries pose significant and permanent consequences for victims, such as disabilities and loss of the ability to work.

According to CBS Chicago, an Aurora man has been charged in a crash that killed a Naperville woman. He is currently accused of having been under the influence of narcotics when his pickup truck struck and killed a woman on her bicycle. The victim died as a result of her injuries from the accident.

Bicycling is becoming more popular in the United States, so it is imperative that drivers take caution for cyclists on the roads. According to an article by the New York Times, bicycling has become more popular in the United States, and as of last year, 39.3 million Americans reported that they ride bikes. Biking is becoming increasingly popular, and last year, 13 million adult bikes were sold. However, just in 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that there were 800 bicycle fatalities, which was one-fortieth of all road fatalities.

Chicago has begun to venture on its intentions to become one of the best large cities in the United States for bicycling. Currently, Chicago has over 200 miles of on-street protected and buffered shared bike lanes, an 18.5 mile lakefront trail, and over 13,000 bicycle racks.

Chicago plans to continue this expansion bicycling access as well. Mayor Emanuel announced in November his plan for Divvy public bicycling to expand to 475 stations by next year. This would make Divvy the largest bike sharing system in North America. The Chicago Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 would provide bicycle accommodation within a half-mile of every Chicagoan. This calls into question whether drivers that share the road with cyclists will become less negligent as the number of biking lanes increase or whether they will become more accustomed to and careful of bicycles on the road.

However, The Wire recently reported on a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, that concluded that Americans are currently the lowest in numbers of cyclists but are also the most likely to get killed while doing so. The study reported that motorists involved in bicycling accidents were charged with traffic violations in one third of all fatal bicycle crashes. Authorities and officers identified fault of the crash on part of the motorist in over half of all fatal bicycle crashes. Also according to the study, in 2005 – 2011, approximately 17% of all cycling fatalities were involved in a hit-and-run crash in which motorists fled the scene. This is an alarming four times the already high rate of motor vehicle accident hit-and-run accidents that occur in the United States.

While bicycles are such a useful, efficient and economical mode of transportation in a large city like Chicago, there are also many important things that cyclists and others on the road need to remember to always do while sharing the road.

Riding a bike to get to your destination has numerous benefits, ranging from physical benefits to environmental benefits to economic benefits. Cyclists are able to get in a great full body workout while on their way to work or wherever they are headed, and studies have shown that biking can help people maintain their mental health as well. Riding to work during rush hour can also make people get where they are going much faster than driving or taking public transportation, as well as cost them nothing. Bikes are obviously much better for the environment than cars or trains and do not release any harmful gases into the environment. As cycling becomes more and more popular in large cities, it is also becoming easier for cyclists to get around as cities are putting in more bike lanes and making the streets more accessible to cyclists.

While there are so many positive benefits to cycling, there are also unfortunately many accidents involving bikes and cars or pedestrians. In order to help keep cyclists safe and keep personal injuries from happening, everyone on the street needs to be alert and responsible for their actions.

Recent studies have shown that an increase in bike sharing programs may lead to less accidents between cyclists and motorists. The reason that it may be safer for bikers in cities that have implemented bike-sharing programs is that these cities have an increase in cyclists because of these programs, which lead to drivers in those cities to be more aware of cyclists and to expect more cyclists on the road with them.

Bicycles are a great mode of transportation and many people that live in big cities find biking to be a much more efficient and quick way to get to their destination amidst the heavy traffic. Unfortunately, many bicycle accidents do occur each year, with about 800 deaths and over half a million emergency room visits a year as a result of a biking accident, according to The New York Times. Bike accidents can be especially dangerous and serious when they involve a bike and a car, so please always be aware of everyone else on the road whether you are riding a bike or driving a car.

As a biker, there are certain things you can make sure to always do to stay safe while on the road. The first thing to always make sure to do is to wear a helmet! About eighty five percent of head injuries while biking can be prevented by wearing a helmet. It is also important for all bike riders to follow the rules of the road and make sure to always be alert and paying attention to everything going on around you. If you are alert hopefully you will have the extra couple of seconds to react to avoid an accident while traveling on the road with other cyclists and with cars.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the latest Chicago bicycle collision fatality occurred roughly a month ago on Chicago’s North Side. The deceased, an attorney, was on his way to work around 9 a.m. when a driver opened his car door on Wells Street just north of Oak. The bicyclist swerved to avoid being hit by the door, and sadly was caught under the wheels of a passing semi truck, killing him.

The bicyclist was an experienced rider, who rode to work daily in all types of weather. The driver who opened his door was merely cited for violating an ordinance intended to protect bicyclists. This accident highlights the major problem that Chicago faces in terms of bicycle safety. The mayor has attempted to ameliorate this problem with plans of adding 100 miles of protected bicycle lanes. Protected bicycle lanes differ from standard lanes in that they physically separate the lanes with flexposts, raised medians, or parking. These protected lanes will help reducing “dooring” or bicyclists being injured by car doors, which are one of the most dangerous and unpredictable perils of bicycle riding in Chicago. Unfortunately it is the most common cause of bicycle accidents in our city.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, last year, 337 dooring crashes occurred in Chicago and 117 have already been reported through June of this year. Bicycle advocates argue that to decrease dooring accidents, Chicago needs more protected bicycle lanes and wider lanes for bikers. Additionally, motorists need to be aware of bicyclists and need to learn that dooring is entirely preventable by merely being aware of your surroundings. Further, bicyclists and motorists alike must be aware of the laws surrounding bicycles.

Here in the crowded and bustling City of Chicago, all of us must share the roads. When thinking of Chicago traffic, many people think of busses, cars, trucks, and pedestrians. However, many people often forget about the bicyclists in our community, and they are paying the price dearly.

With data compiled from the Census Bureau along with the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Chicago Metropolitan Planning Agency (CMAP), the Chicago Sun-Times reported that bicycle accidents and fatalities have risen 38% over the past decade. This number accounts for the increase in bike commuters over the same time period. The accident rate is especially bad along Milwaukee Avenue, the Loop and on the North side of the city, where streets are narrow and there are few dedicated bicycle lanes.

In an attempt to combat this increase, the Chicago Department of Transportation has vowed to build another 34 miles in protected and buffered bicycle lanes by the end of the year. While some view bicyclists as vehicles that continuously break the rules of the road, we all must understand that protected bike lanes are a good thing for our city and will make everyone’s commute safer.

Over the past few days, several individuals received personal injuries and some unfortunately passed away after several individual Illinois motor vehicle accidents in the south suburban areas of Chicago. A teenager from a south suburb of Chicago died after he lost control of a sports utility vehicle that he was driving near the Illinois city of Country Club Hills. In addition to the Orland Park seventeen year old who passed away in the SUV accident, three other youths received personal injuries. The teenager was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the vehicle; there was no indication that alcohol or any other drugs were involved in the deadly motor vehicle accident.

Further, on Sunday night, a speeding vehicle struck and killed a teen bicyclist in Dolton, Illinois. The Dolton driver that caused the Illinois wrongful death has continued to elude police and was eluding police when he was speeding and struck the teenager.

Another individual received serious personal injuries after a south side motor vehicle accident on Monday. The injuries occurred after the motorcycle accident victim crashed his motorcycle on outbound interstate 57 at 127th Street in Illinois. Around the same time in another South Side suburban neighborhood, Country Club Hills, a Mexican restaurant was hit by a car and received extensive property damage.

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