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Congratulations to these Levin & Perconti attorneys recognized in Leading Lawyers magazine as Top Attorneys. Their peers have recommended these exceptional attorneys in their practice areas among the nation’s best. Less than 5% of all lawyers licensed in each state have received the distinction of Leading Lawyer, and less than 2% of all lawyers licensed in each state have received the distinction of Emerging Lawyer.

Levin & Perconti partners Steven Levin, John Perconti, Susan Novosad, Michael Bonamarte IV, Kelly Sabo Gaden, and Margaret Battersby Black have achieved the Top Chicago Injury Lawyer recognition for their work representing clients in medical malpractice and personal injury cases, including nursing home abuse and neglect.

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As advocates for the elderly members of our community, our attorneys are always pleased to report good news for older people. It is always unfortunate and too frequent that we hear of negligence related deaths of elderly individuals, whether it be from motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, or nursing home neglect. Our attorneys care about these members of our community, and want to do all that we can to ensure their safety, and are happy to relay to our readers when these people are being kept safe.

According to reports from the Indiana Gazette, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a studying saying that drivers who are 70 years of age and older are less likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents than previous generations. They are also less likely to be seriously injured in a collision. This is because both our seniors are generally healthier, and vehicles are safer than before.

Therefore, our roads are now less deadly for older adults and senior citizens. According to the same study, from 1992 to 2012, fatal crash rates for older drivers fell 42% per licensed driver and 39% per vehicle miles traveled. Simultaneously to this decline in fatalities, older drivers are now driving more frequently than they used to as well. Drivers 75 years of age and older have increased annual mileage by over 50% from 1995 to 2008. With an increase in driving and a decrease in driving, this study indicates that elderly drivers are now safer and healthier than they ever have been.

Despite the many accidents and injuries that we make our readers aware of, it is refreshing to be able to relay happy news to you. Law-abiding communities ought to be commended, and we are happy to report that Illinois has been recognized for doing its part to prevent motor vehicle accidents, injuries, and deaths related to drunk driving.

Recently, according to QCOnline, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has awarded Illinois with top ratings. The organization, along with Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, recently gave Illinois a 5-star rating for the state’s efforts to combat drunk driving. As a result of this rating, MADD has recognized Illinois as a national leader in the fight against drunk driving. The 2014 national and state ratings report highlighted our state’s drunk driving countermeasures, such as BAIIDs (breath alcohol ignition interlock devices) for all convicted drunk drivers.

Under Illinois’s BAIID program, first-time DUI offenders who wish to maintain their driving privileges must install a breath alcohol ignition interlock device in their vehicle. When a BAIID is installed, the motorist must blow into the device, which will in turn measure the driver’s blood alcohol content. The purpose of this device and state program is to prevent DUI offenders from driving after drinking alcohol. Last year in 2014, the Secretary of State’s office began requiring in-car cameras to also be installed with every BAIID. Since last year, over 5700 BAIIDs and cameras have been installed in vehicles. Through this program, Illinois hopes to improve accountability of those who use BAIIDs.

Way too often our lawyers hear unfortunate news reports of car crashes, construction site accidents, or medical malpractice. When good news occurs, we like to share it, especially when we can provide readers with easy-to-follow advice that saves lives and prevents injuries. Our attorneys are pleased to pass on the following safety tips to our readers.

According to an article by WGEM, increased car seat use has led to a decline in child deaths in car crashes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevented reported findings that the number of children who have died in motor vehicle accidents decreased by 43% over the last decade. The major reason for such a significant decrease in numbers is due to the increase in use of car seats. Furthermore, last year there were 21,000 traffic-related deaths, but only 650 of these deaths were children. Findings also show that as more states create and enforce laws and regulations requiring car seat usage, the numbers of child deaths have and will continue to decline.

These findings show that it truly is possible to reach a goal of safety and saving lives when the community and law enforcement work together. Not only have states enforced regulations, but local communities have come together to ensure that the laws are followed and children are safe. Many counties and municipalities even offer events centered on car seat checks, in which parents can have their children’s car seats checked to ensure that their little ones are free from dangers on the road. Events like these can also help parents double-check if the seat is installed correctly in the vehicle, which can often be difficult for new and first-time parents or caregivers.

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys wish you and your family a very safe and happy New Year. With the new year comes new opportunities, and we wish you every chance for happiness.

Though the best-case scenario would be to avoid being injured and needing to hire an attorney because you have been harmed, our Illinois personal injury lawyers have the experience and understanding to handle even the most complex cases. Our Chicago injury lawyers understand that your immediate goals after going through a trauma are to get your medical bills paid and covered, make sure you do not suffer financially through any lost wages, and make sure your insurance company will pay for future treatment relating to your injury.

Again, the best-case situation would be to avoid injury altogether, but if you need a comforting advocate to fight for your rights, our attorneys have the experience to do the best job.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers are delighted and honored to announce that Levin & Perconti has been recognized by Lawyer Monthly – an international legal publication – as the Personal Injury Law Firm of the Year in the United States for 2011!

Lawyer Monthly is a magazine published each month, that is available worldwide to provide news and analysis of recent trends in the law. Lawyer Monthly provides both articles and editorials analyzing issues in all types of law that affect the legal field globally.

These awards acknowledge accomplishments of firms and individuals who have answered the demands of the current post-recession business environment and the recent economic turmoil worldwide. The accolades were bestowed based on online votes and measureable criteria evaluating excellence in the different fields.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers were honored to learn that this blog, The Illinois Injury Lawyer Blog, was selected for submission as one of the Top 25 Tort Blogs of 2011.

Additionally, one of our other blogs, the Illinois Medical Malpractice Blog was also nominated. We are thrilled!

The award is part of a LexisNexis project that seeks to feature blogs that set the standard in certain practice areas and industries. It is our pleasure to share with you information on Illinois personal injury law through this blog, and it is a huge distinction to be recognized and appreciated. However, we need your help!


Yesterday was a particularly memorable Sunday for one of our firm founding partners Steve Levin-he welcomed a new grandchild into the world. Anna Belle Eve was born in New York City yesterday, a happy and healthy 6 pound, 10 ounce baby girl.

The newborn is Steve’s sixth grandchild. He has three sons who currently live in New York City and a daughter in Chicago.

Congratulations and best wishes all around for Steve and his family on this very special occasion.

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