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Case Law Update: Premises Liability in Slip Cases

Glickman v. Teglia, No. 1-08-0392 (2-19-09) is an Illinois decision that found that the trial court erred when it granted when it granted 2-619 motion to dismiss plaintiff’s complaint for personal injuries she suffered when she slipped and fell on ice on common property of her condominium, alleging that the Association was liable for negligent maintenance and defective design of common areas. Even though initial Board of Directors had not yet been elected, under Condominium Property Act, the Association was still liable for property maintenance, with the developer serving in the role subsequently served by elected Board. However, trial court did not err when it denied plaintiff’s motion to amend complaint; because the motion to amend was not filed until more than 30 days after her complaint was dismissed under SCR304(a). This case will effect both premises liability cases and slip and fall cases.