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Carbon monoxide sickens dozens at hockey game

Every so often, a serious carbon monoxide poisoning makes the national news. This week, fifty four individuals received personal injuries after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning during a youth hockey tournament. Several teens, children, and adults were treated for varying degrees of severity of carbon monoxide poisoning. Luckily, none of the patients faced life-threatening injuries. Several individuals were released, but a couple of people were held for further treatment.

In situations like this, when an accident or injury occurs to a visitor on another person’s property, the property owner may be held legally responsible, or liable, if the victim can prove that the owner’s negligence led to the personal injury. Injuries on properties can include those from exposure to toxic or hazardous substances such as lead or mold, slip and fall accidents, dog bites or maulings, or drownings. Premises liability plantiffs must prove that the property owners either failed to maintain the property or created unsafe conditions which caused the personal injury, knew about the unsafe hazard but did not alert visitors or tenants to this fact, was not careful concerning unsafe conditions which might attract children, or took actions or neglected conditions that caused damage to a neighboring property.

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