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Carbon Monoxide Leaks Send 11 Teens to the Hospital

Extremely high carbon monoxide levels were detected at a Chicago Boys and Girls Club, causing 11 teens to be taken to the hospital with personal injuries. All of those transported to the hospital were in good condition with personal injuries. Typically high levels of carbon monoxide are around 100 parts per million, yet the levels at the Boys and Girls Club were around 1,200 ppm. An ambulance arrived at the club after three males teens became sick from the gas. Medics suspected that the three teens were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. There were about 50 children present when the carbon monoxide levels reached the high levels. The building was evacuated and ventilated by opening windows and doors. A faulty furnace flue caused levels of toxic gas to spike and there was no carbon monoxide detector in the building. At this time, no personal injury lawsuits have been filed. To read the full story, click here.