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Car trying to pass kills Illinois tractor driver

Our Chicago car accident lawyers encounter a lot of sad incidents of wrongful death resulting from Illinois car accidents, but the ones that could have been prevented simply make us incredibly sad. The Chicago Tribune reported on one such case this week. The Illinois car accident happened when a 66-year-old Illinois man was driving his tractor in an unincorporated area near Harvard, Illinois at around 11:00 AM. The 66 year-old man was ejected from his McCormick Farmall tractor as he was making a left turn after being hit by a 2006 Ford Taurus whose driver was trying to pass the tractor. The Illinois car accident victim was sent to the hospital, where he died. The other driver received no personal injuries.

Passing another vehicle is always dangerous and passing an individual so vulnerable in a tractor is even more so dangerous! The Illinois Rules of the Road, published by the Illinois Secretary of State, warns that a driver “must use caution when passing another vehicle.” On a two-lane highway, the left lane is supposed to be clearly seen and free of oncoming traffic for a distance great enough to permit passing. You are allowed to pass on the right of a vehicle when the car has enough room on a two-lane roadway and the vehicle that you are passing is about to make a left turn, like the Harvard car accident victim was.

Of course, additional safety rules apply in certain traffic situations. Slow motor vehicles must use the right-hand lane except when passing or making a left turn. Weaving from lane to lane to move faster than the traffic you are with is unlawful. Further, traffic must travel in the direction of posted one-way streets or roadways. It is also unlawful to drive across median strips such as unpaved strips or median barriers.

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