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Boy Killed in Chicago Roller Coaster Accident

Xfinity News reported today on a tragic Chicago accident that claimed the life of a 3-year old Dolton, Illinois child. The published information explains that the deadly accident occurred at “Go Bananas” an amusement park in Norridge-a small village surrounded by Chicago near the O’Hare airport.

The young child was apparently at the fun park on Saturday with his family. He was riding with his twin brother on a roller coaster ride known as the Python Pit. The two siblings were both in a car near the front of the train-like seating carts. A local police chief explained that the victim slipped underneath the safety bar that was supposed to latch on top of the children and secure them into the seat.

Upon slipping underneath the latch, the 3-year old fell off the seat and into the mechanics of the ride below. He suffered serious head injuries in the fall that took his life. The general manager of the amusement park explained remorse for the accident and is working closely with authorities in the investigation.

Unfortunately, accidents involving mechanical equipment and inadequate safety protocols occur with too much frequency. These types of fatalities often result in Chicago wrongful death lawsuits. The law provides legal options to the families of those who die because of inadequate safety conditions or any other negligent acts. It is important for those who lose a loved one to come forward and assert their legal rights.

Our Chicago injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti are saddened to hear of this very tragic loss. Every day bring stories of more community members injured or killed in incidents that could and should have been avoided. We encourage the relatives of these victims to visit an Illinois injury lawyer to share their store and learn about how the law provides for their recovery.

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