Bounce Houses Taking Flight Puts Children at Risk of Serious Personal Injury

Most parents already have a lot to worry about regarding their children’s playtime and potential injuries, from falling off their bicycles to getting hurt on the swings and jungle gym and many other possibilities that result in typical childhood injuries involving band-aids, stitches, and signed casts. However, until now, most parents probably were not concerned or even considered the possibility that their children could fly away while at play. However, thanks to all of the recent news involving bounce house injuries; this is now one more cause for concern for parents.

From birthday parties, local fairs, and school events, we have all seen the beloved bounce houses that so many have enjoyed during their youth. However, recent news stories have reported on a lack of safety precautions that have caused these inflated houses to literally fly away with children still inside. According to one report by NBC News, one bounce house took off and rolled hundreds of feet with two children inside. Set up at a lacrosse field, the wind picked up and caused the house with an attached inflatable slide to tumble down the field. Witnesses looked on fearfully and described the incident like a plastic bag caught in the wind. Several attempted to save the children and run after the rolling bounce house. When the house took flight, one girl was on board the slide and flew eight feet into the air. According to the local fire department, the house traveled between 200 to 300 feet before coming to a stop in a nearby pond. The children inside the bounce house required medical attention. It was reported that winds at the time were about 30 mph, which makes many question why the bounce house was not secured for the conditions.

In another incident, also reported by NBC News, a bounce house soared over twenty feet into the air with three children still inside. Two required hospitalization for serious personal injuries. Although staked to the ground, wind uprooted this bounce house and caused it to take flight. Witnesses compared the event like a horror movie as they looked on, unable to help the children inside the bounce house that flew higher than the surrounding buildings and trees. One boy fell from the house and landed in the street. Another landed in a nearby apartment parking lot after hitting his head on a car and falling to the ground.

Amusement park companies and landowners have a duty to patrons to keep them safe, particularly children at play who are too innocent to suspect that injury should come their way from playground equipment. When an injury occurs to a child on another’s equipment and land, the child’s parent or legal guardian can file a lawsuit to recover compensation for the child’s injuries, medical bills, and trauma suffered from the accident. In such cases, the plaintiff must prove that the landowner or company failed to take proper safety measures and created unsafe conditions that resulted in injury. In this type of lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove the negligent company or individual knew about the unsafe conditions and did not warn patrons, failed to inspect for danger, or failed to remedy known dangers. In these specific instances of bounce house operator negligence, the injured parties may argue that the owners of the bounce houses did not properly secure the bounce houses to the ground or failed to follow safety standards regarding how the bounce houses should be secured, and thus were the cause of the houses taking flight and the children’s injuries.

If a child in your family has been seriously injured while at play on another’s premises, you may be able to file suit on behalf of the child. Our attorneys have successfully handled numerous premises liability cases and have recovered millions of dollars in fair and just settlements for injured clients. No child should have to suffer due to another’s negligence. Call our firm today for a free consultation, and we would be happy to assist you with your potential case.

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