The Biggest Consumer Injury Related Corporate Scandals of 2017

The American Association of Justice (AAJ) has compiled a list of the 9 largest corporate scandals and coverups of the past year. Their report, titled “Worst Corporate Conduct of 2017,” outlines bad behavior on the part of United Airlines, Monsanto, Wall Street’s big banks, Wells Fargo, Fox News, Equifax, Johnson and Johnson, Takata, and McKesson.

AAJ is a Washington, D.C.-based organization focused on preserving American’s right to a jury trial and ensuring the ability of those injured by others to pursue legal action in a court of law.

Below is their list of the unethical and illegal measures each of the 9 corporations or groups took to protect both their reputations and their profits, all at the expense of us, the consumer.

  1. United Airlines: Oversold Flights and Passenger and Animal Abuse
  2. Monsanto: Covered up Findings of Known Carcinogens in Roundup Weed Killer 
  3. Wall Street’s Big Banks: Blocked Consumers’ Rights to Sue
  4. Wells Fargo: Opened Accounts in Customer’s Names, Hid Arbitration Clauses, and Repossessed Cars After Selling Unnecessary Insurance Plans 
  5. Fox News: Hush Hush Sexual Harassment Cases Due to Forced Employee Arbitration Agreements
  6. Equifax: Hid Data Breach for Months, Stands to Profit $200 Million from “Free” Credit Monitoring
  7. Johnson & Johnson: Responsible for Cancer Deaths Due to Talc Powder, Injuries Related to  Taking Xarelto and Risperdal, from Surgical Procedures Involving Ethicon Division’s Pelvic Mesh Product and DePuy Division’s Faulty Hip Replacements
  8. Takata: Covered up at Least 19 Deaths from Their Airbags 
  9. McKesson: Aggressively Marketed and Sold Opioids, Turned a Blind Eye to ‘Suspicious’ Orders 

To read more details of each company’s transgressions, you can read the AAJ article in its entirety here.


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