Beef Processor Recalls 90,987 Pounds of Beef for Potential Contamination

Every week, many Americans consume beef products. From hamburgers to soups to pot roast to sandwiches, beef is an extremely common food in many of our diets. Because it is so frequently purchased and consumed, that is all the more reason that it should be thoroughly inspected and properly handled and packaged in a way to prevent contamination and maintain safety. Under product liability law, companies have a legal duty to prevent injury to customers via defective and dangerous products, such as contaminated food, by inspecting products for dangers, removing such items from the marketplace, and warning customers about known dangers. When a company fails and breaches this duty with food products, customers may suffer illness or injury as a result of food poisoning.

According to a recent report by the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, one beef processor has recalled ground beef due to possible foreign matter contamination. The processor, Sam Kane Beef Processors, is recalling 90,987 pounds of ground beef that could have been contaminated. All of the products were produced between September 9th and September 18th with sell by dates of September 29th and October 8th. The products include 3 lb. packages of ground chuck with establishment number 337, 5 lb. packages of ground beef with establishment number 337, 10 lb. packages of ground beef with establishment number 337, and 10 lb. clear film packages of formed patties also with establishment number 337. Even though these sell by dates are from 2 weeks ago, it is possible that many people could still have these products in their home freezers as meat can be frozen and used months later. If you have any of these beef products in your home, it is recommended that you dispose of them immediately.

According to the same report, this problem was discovered after consumer complaints of pieces of metal 3mm in size in their ground beef. There were 4 separate complaints, and one consumer reported a chipped tooth.

Contamination from improper handling, storage, preparation, etc. can result in spoiled foods or foreign materials ending up in the final product. This poses a danger to customers, who can suffer injury and/or illness from consuming the contaminated foods. Aside from physical injury such as occurred in this case with the chipped tooth, other times people suffer from internal illnesses, such as from salmonella poisoning or E. coli.

In still particular example it appears as those injuries were not left-threatening, however some incidences involving foodborne Illness or contamination have proven deadly. Our firm has over 20 years of experience in handling personal injury lawsuits, including those involving food poisoning and product liability injuries. We are proud to represent victims and help them obtain compensation for their injuries, suffering, hospitalization, and missed work while also holding negligent companies liable. Our goal through these lawsuits is not only to bring justice to victims but to set a legal example and prevent future food contamination incidents from occurring. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious or life-altering injury as a result of foodborne illness or contamination, you should seek the help of a legal professional. We would be happy to speak to you in a free consultation, so call us today, and we may be able to help you with your potential case.

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