Beech-Nut Baby Food Recalled for Glass Contamination

A new baby is a joy for families. There’s a brand new member of the family and a tiny life to take care of and protect. Babies require different care than grown people too, such as different sleeping schedules, different entertainment, and different food and drink. As not being fully grown and so young, they need special diets in order to receive the right nutrients and in a consistency that their tiny bodies can chew and digest. That is why there are specially made baby foods and formulas on the market and available at our local grocers. Because companies specialize in producing foods particular to the diet of a baby, we grown adults trust that the company is providing a proper nutritious and safe food since they are selling a product and calling themselves experts in that field. Unfortunately, just as instances of negligence occur in our everyday adult foods, manufacturers of baby food have been found to be negligent in their production as well. What is most unfortunate about this though is that a baby is so young and fragile that this negligence can impact them far worse than it would to an adult, and a baby is unable to communicate with language when something is wrong like an adult can.

Unfortunately, recent reports relay that Beech-Nut baby food has been recalled for glass contamination. The United States Department of Agriculture reports that Beech-Nut Nutrition is recalling approximately 1,920 pounds of baby food that may be contaminated with small pieces of glass. The food was produced on December 12, 2014, and are 4-oz. glass jars labeled as “Stage 2 Beech-Nut CLASSICS sweet potato & chicken.” The product also has the establishment number “P-68A” inside the USDA mark of inspection. The products expire in December of 2016 with product numbers “12395750815” through “12395750821.”

This danger came to attention after a consumer complained that a piece of glass was found in the product. The company also received a report of an oral injury after consumption of the food. The USDA has labeled this as a Class I recall. According to their site, a Class I recall is described as: “This is a health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.”

Time also reported on this issue. In their article, they also reported on finds of glass in the product as well as oral injury. According to the article, people can also return the baby food they purchased for a full refund or an exchange.

Our attorneys care about the safety and well-being of babies and children especially because they are too young to be able to protect themselves and recognize dangers. When injuries to children occur as a result of negligence, parents should take legal action to hold wrongdoers accountable. Under product liability law, manufacturers and sellers of products have a legal duty to protect their customers by inspecting their products for dangers, removing any known dangers, and warning consumers about dangers. Where a company fails in these regards, they can be held legally responsible for personal injuries and wrongful deaths in a product liability lawsuit.

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