Baby Wipes Recalled For Possible Contamination

As parents and guardians know, a lot goes into childcare and parents are always working to provide their children with the best care possible. Among these many needs includes healthy nutrition, cleanliness and proper hygiene, and helping them learn and expand their minds. For all of these needs there are many children’s products available at local which caregivers need to frequently purchase for their children.

When these products are damaged, contaminated, or defective, instead of helping children, the products may put them in danger of injury or sickness. When a child suffers injury or illness from such a product because a company negligently placed a dangerous good in the marketplace, the caregiver may be able to hold the company, store, and/or manufacturer liable through a product liability lawsuit.

The Huffington Post reported that there has been a recall on a popular baby wipes brand out of concern for contamination. Nutek Disposables, Inc. issued the voluntary recall at the retail level for wipes were sold under various brand names such as Cuties, Fred’s,, Femtex, Member’s Mark, Kidgets, Sunny Smiles, Simply Right, Well Beginnings, and Tender Touch. These brands are commonly found at Sam’s Club, Family Dollar, and Walgreens.

There was bacteria discovered in some of these packages that were distributed to retail stores before October 21st. According to the report, items may contain Burkholderia cepacia, or B. cepacia, which is a bacteria that may pose problems for those with weakened immune systems, chronic lung diseases, or cystic fibrosis. provides a medical definition of the bacteria. Burkholderia cepacia is defined as an aerobic gram-negative bacillus that can be found in aquatic environments (ex: the baby wipes come in tubs and packages with water). The bacteria frequently colonizes in fluids commonly used in hospitals, such as irrigation solutions and intravaneous fluids. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation explains that this bacteria is often resistant to many antibiotics, which makes it difficult to treat once the lungs are infected. In some cases though, the bacteria can be treated with a combination of antibiotics.

The contaminated baby wipes at issue pose dangers not only to children, but to caregivers and those in the vicinity of the wipes as well. If someone suffers illness or injury from these wipes, the company can be held accountable. It is the legal duty of product manufacturers to inspect their goods for dangers, warn consumers of known dangers, and remove these goods from the stream of commerce, and where a company fails in any of these duties and people suffer harm, they have breached their duty of care to the consumer. Asides from toiletries, many other common goods are frequently at issue in product liability lawsuits, such as foods, medicine, vehicles and vehicle parts, clothing, household appliances, toys, and medical devices. If you or someone you love has suffered injury from a product that was dangerous unknowing to you, you may be able to hold the product company liable through a lawsuit. Call our law firm for a free consultation, and we may be able to help you with your potential case.

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