Attorney Steve Levin Reviews Southwest Airline’s Decision To Send Money to Recovering Passengers


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Steven Levin Talks with MONEY Magazine on Southwest Airline’s Payouts to Recovering Flight 1380 Passengers

Southwest is one of the nation’s busiest airlines and recently landed headline news when one of its Boeing 737-700s was forced to make an emergency stop after a left engine failed and exploded mid-air. The incident occurred while Flight 1380 was en route from New York City to Dallas. The pilot was forced to land the plane in Pennsylvania just 20 minutes after takeoff. The engine blowout created instant chaos amongst all 144 passengers and several injuries were caused by flying debris. Tragically, one passenger died after she was partially sucked out of the aircraft.

The National Transportation Safety Board is conducting an investigation of the incident to determine the probable cause. There is the possibility the busy airline knew of mechanical issues or missed repairs that could have been made to ensure a safe flight.

Quick Traveler Payouts Can Equal an Apology but Not a Resolution

Since the event, many passengers reported to have received money in the form of $1,000 future travel vouchers and $5,000 checks to help cover any “immediate financial needs.”

Levin & Perconti’s co-founder and senior partner Steven Levin recently spoke with MONEY Magazine on the traveler payouts, stating this was a bold and strategic play of Southwest and likely serves the financial equivalent of an immediate apology.

“I would be very cautious, if I was a customer, in accepting a quick settlement,” he says. “I understand that they want to resolve this as quickly as possible, but an incident like this could cause longstanding psychological, as well as other, injuries.” – Steven Levin, MONEY Magazine, April 20, 2018.

Passengers would be wise to slow the acceptance of a business’s quick attempt for resolution to an incident like this. When companies send an apology in the form of a fast cash payout, credit or voucher, it may persuade some disgruntled customers to not pursue further legal action. However, this money won’t help heal emotional and physical injuries in the long-run.

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