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As Temperatures Drop, The United States Coast Guard Stresses Safety

The Ninth Coast Guard District that oversees the Great Lakes, reminds citizens that live near and around the Great Lakes to use extra precautions as the temperature continues to drop this winter, especially when participating in recreational activities. The Ninth Coast Guard District is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and is responsible for all Coast Guard operations throughout the five Great Lakes including search and rescue, maritime safety and security, environmental protection, maritime law enforcement, and aid to navigation and ice breaking. Their motto is Guardians of the Great Lakes, and as the temperature has finally begun to drop across the great lakes, they urge increased vigilance for those living in and around the lakes.

The Ninth Coast Guard advises people who choose to venture onto the ices to remember the acronym I.C.E., standing for Intelligence, Clothing, Equipment. Intelligence for the Coast Guard means that you should be aware of the weather and ice conditions prior to stepping foot on any ice in the great lakes. Additionally, make sure to know where you are going, make plans for calling for help, and notify others about your planned itinerary while on the ice. Clothing requires anyone going onto ice to wear proper clothes to prevent hypothermia. The Coast Guard reminds us to dress for the water temperature, not the air temperature. Equipment requires that you bring the proper items with you while on the ice. These items include a marine radio, life jacket for every member in the group, and screwdrivers or ice picks in case you do fall into the water and need to drill a hole.

In addition to remembering I.C.E., the Coast Guard recommends that you never go onto the ice alone, always tell someone your plan, and know when to pack up and go home. Ice fishing, boating, ice hockey and other winter recreational activities are popular on the Great Lakes, including Lake Michigan that touches Chicago. Be sure to keep these recommendations in mind this winter while enjoying our beautiful lake.

The personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at our Chicago firm urge those who go out to enjoy lake Michigan this winter to be aware and prepared at all times. This includes choosing the right people to take with you on your outing. Make sure that all members of your group are acting responsibly, as the negligence of one can greatly affect the well being of every one else in the group. Educate every member of your group on cold-water safety while on the ice this winter, it may be the difference between and enjoyable afternoon and a tragic accident. Our attorneys know full well that one person acting negligently can have disastrous effects. We hope you enjoy our winter season this year and act appropriately.