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“Angel of Death” Trial Reveals Victim Not Even Prescribed Drug That Killed Him

This week we have shared many developments related to the ongoing criminal trial in the “Angel of Death” killings at the Woodstock Residence, a nursing home in a northern Chicago suburb. Blog readers also know that our firm is the Chicago personal injury attorney representing the family of one of the victims, Virginia Cole.

Our representation is in the civil lawsuit, not the criminal matter currently at trial. However, the information in front of the jury in this criminal matter shines a spotlight on what actually went on at the Woodstock Residence in 2006. Six residents were killed at the facility after they were administered an overdose of powerful painkillers by a nurse with the implicit approval of her supervisor.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported on the nursing home trial. Their latest story explained the revelation that one of the victims was found to have died of a morphine overdose, even though he was not prescribed morphine. No plausible explanation exists as to how the painkiller could have been in his system at all, let alone at deadly quantities.

This week a pathologist testified at the trial and confirmed that the man’s death was caused by morphine intoxication, not other ailments from which he was suffering. Ms. Cole’s unexpected death occurred shortly later. The same pathologist explained how “none of her underlying natural disease processes would explain her dying at the time she did.” The report offers important validation to the sad reality that Ms. Cole was killed by her caregiver giving her an overdose of morphine.

In earlier testimony the criminal defendant’s co-workers explained how Ms. Cole’s morphine was suspiciously used up far too quickly right before her surprising death. Those co-workers reported their suspicions to their supervisor. Unfortunately, that managing nurse did nothing to stop the deadly conduct.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti will continue to work every day on behalf of nursing home victims. Countless nursing home residents suffer in poor living conditions controlled by nursing home employees who do little to ensure their proper health and safety. Please do not let these seniors suffer in silence. Report all instances of potential abuse and contact an Illinois nursing home attorneys to see if any legal action should be taken.

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