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Amusement Park Attendees Trapped on Roller Coaster For Over Five Hours

Imagine that you’ve done it. You’ve seen all of the commercials and heard all of the hype. You are finally going to face your fears. You travel to your nearest amusement park and get in line for that notorious crazy adrenaline-inducing coaster you’ve been hearing about for months. Finally, it’s your turn, and you board the coaster, take off for your ride, and become stuck upside down.

This is extremely frightening to think about happening, but it unfortunately occurred to patrons of Six Flags, according to a recent article by Slate. Two dozen patrons of the amusement park were stranded on the ride “Joker’s Jinx” 75 feet in the air for five hours. Firefighters had to put up a 105-foot tower ladder in order to reach the track of the ride. They then removed some fencing around the ride in order to access the cars in which the people were trapped. The firefighters then had to remove people from the cars via buckets by placing harnesses on each rider and lowering them one at a time. The first responders also had to bring those stranded on the ride water, umbrellas, and sunblock to prevent sun-stricken and heat injuries. Authorities are still investigating the cause as to why the ride stopped.

We’re sure some of our readers were panicked for the Six Flags patrons just reading about that incident, particularly due to the fact of the height at which they were trapped and the length of time. Luckily there appears to be no serious injuries reported in this incident. Amusement park injuries and other types of premises liability incidents are not only extremely scary but can cause serious personal injuries or even death to patrons. What is especially frightening is that patrons have put their trust in park owners and operators that they will be provided with safe parameters and not put in harm’s way while they enjoy a day of recreation and entertainment.

However, our lawyers wish to remind you that patrons have the right under the law to expect to be safe and protected by landowners. Under tort law, a paying visitor, known as an invitee, to commercial property, such as a store or amusement park, has the legal right to expect and be provided with safe premises. Where a landowner’s negligence is the cause of injury to the invitee, the landowner can be found liable for such injuries and suffering where it can be proved in a premises liability lawsuit that the owner’s negligence led to the injury. In such a case, plaintiffs must prove that the property owners knew about a danger and failed to warn visitors, knew about the danger and failed to remedy it, or failed to keep up inspection and maintenance to discover the danger and unsafe conditions.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries on another’s property, you may be able to hold that property owner liable for your injuries through a premises liability lawsuit and recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages from missing work, and emotional distress suffered from the incident. Our attorneys have been experienced in premises liability lawsuits and all areas of personal injury law since 1992. We would be happy to discuss your potential case with you in a free consultation. Call us today, and we can go over your legal options with you.

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