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American Association for Justice Cites Hypocrisies from Legal Reform’s Corporate Board Members

A recent report authored by the American Association for Justice has just been released, claiming that the United States Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform’s corporate board members aggressively litigate whilst blocking access to courts for the American populace. The corporate board members are a number of large, nationwide corporations that have an interest in limiting access to litigation against them.

The Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform is an advocacy group that has adopted the posture that plaintiff trial lawyers have allegedly inappropriately expanded laws by over-litigating. The Institute was founded in 1998 by the United States Chamber of commerce to launch multiple lobbying efforts against plaintiff’s attorneys.

However, it now seems that the major players on the board are using the Institute for their own objectives. A number of corporate board members have been shown to be over-using the courts – contrary to the Institution’s mantra – to gain advantage over competitors.

Although these board members – all of whom are large corporations hoping to limit lawsuits against themselves and other big companies – have the right to access the legal system, what makes their actions unethical is the fact that they are endorsing legislation that would prevent others from utilizing the legal system. Ten board members in particular have regularly used the legal system to push their personal legal agendas, while hypocritically promoting tort reform intended to limit access to the courts for laypersons. The American Association for Justice named these culpable board members: Honeywell Security, FedEx, Dow Chemical Company, General Motors Corporation, Caterpillar, State Farm, Koch Industries, Abbott Laboratories, Prudential and Johnson & Johnson.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers know that in order to truly achieve justice, individuals who are harmed by the negligence or recklessness of companies need to be able to take those companies to court for their negligent actions.

One such company, Johnson and Johnson has come under recent scrutiny for their defective hip replacement products. In fact, our Chicago injury lawyers are handling a number of cases regarding the Johnson & Johnson DePuy orthotic hip replacement; Johnson & Johnson’s artificial joint division, DePuy Orthopaedics, recalled their ASR XL Acetabular System and their ASR Hip Resurfacing System. Many patients who received DePuy hip implants now suffer pain, swelling and other complications. One in eight recipient has had to undergo a second surgery to correct the damage caused by the DePuy hip implants. It is ironic and inappropriate that this company in particular is seeking to limit access to the courts, yet using the legal system to its own advantage.

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys serve a very important function. When clients come to us, we help them to achieve justice against those who have wronged them. Our attorneys have the requisite experience and understanding to fight for your rights. If you or a loved one have been harmed by another’s negligence, you should contact an attorney immediately to better understand your rights under the law. No one – especially companies with an ulterior motive – should prevent you from accessing the law.