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Alden Village North Cited By State After Young Girl’s Death

The Chicago Tribune reports that a 14-month-old girl died in July 2010 as a result of negligence at Alden Village North, a facility in Chicago that cares for young adults and children with developmental disabilities. According to the article, the Illinois Department of Public Health cited the facility for a number of violations surrounding her death and the care of other children living in the facility.

The IDPH investigation found that the nursing home staff failed to contact the young girl’s physician in a timely manner after a test revealed that she had MRSA on July 3. Her doctor did not receive her test results for two days, and when she was finally taken to the hospital, it was too late. She died from complications related to the infection.

This latest report again highlights the lack of quality care provided at the facility. Since 2000, there have been 14 citations in connection with child deaths at the facility and the Tribune’s October investigation revealed that the home has the worst safety record in the state. In addition to the above-mentioned incident of wrongful death, the report also notes violations for medication errors and allowing residents to develop pressure ulcers.

To read the latest article on negligent care at Alden Village North, follow the link. We hope that the IDPH will continue to monitor the facility closely in order to prevent further abuse or negligence from occurring. We also hope that any fines imposed on this and other negligent facilities will be enforced and not reduced in any way. It is important that facilities are held responsible when residents suffer injury or die because of negligence or abuse.

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