Additional Hole Found in Indiana Sand Dune

An investigation that is currently underway at the Indiana sand dunes has found that there is another large hole in the same Indiana dune that trapped a young boy last month. While geologists previously believed that holes of this sort should not be able to form in dunes, this hole was clearly visible without even the use of radar technology. These new finds are extremely worrisome because of the danger unseen holes can cause to people who may be exploring the dunes.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the thorough investigations followed after a six year old boy from Sterling, Illinois fell into a hole at Mount Baldy, one of the Indiana sand dunes near Michigan City, Indiana, a popular tourist stop. The young boy fell into the hole that was not visible and was trapped in the hole underneath eleven feet of sand for four hours before rescuers were able to get the young boy out. Doctors were shocked that the young boy was able to survive the ordeal and wonder how he was able to breathe that far under the sand for so long. Part of the current investigation, in addition to inspecting for further holes and dangers, is to understand the structure of the holes and the dunes better and to understand how these holes are able to form in the first place. At this time, it is believed that possibly the way the holes form may create a pocket that leaves air and would help to explain how the young boy was able to survive that deep in the sand for so long.

The investigation involves taking samples of the sand in different parts of the dune, as well as examining the debris (ex. rotting tree material) that is present in the dunes. Studying the sand samples and the debris samples will hopefully help determine how long the sand has been there as well as its movement and shifting patterns, with the goal of trying to determine how the holes may be created in the dunes and the shifting patterns of the sand in the dunes.

The Indiana sand dunes in the area where the holes were discovered still remain closed as the investigation and study of the sand dunes continues. Park officials for this specific park want to make sure that the dunes are safe and that no similar accidents occur in the future. Certain dunes may reopen but others may not open to the public should it be determined that the dunes are unsafe or likely to shift or have hidden holes that could pose a danger to the public.

The young boy that fell into the dune last month has been sent home from the hospital and a full recover from his personal injuries is expected. Luckily, the young boy survived this terrible ordeal, but everyone involved wants to ensure that something like this shocking and unexpected accident does not occur again. Our Illinois personal injury attorneys hope that more information is uncovered about this natural phenomena and that a safe solution is found soon!

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