Additional Chinese drywall builder confirmed

For a product liability story that never seems to end, a recent report stated that an additional Chinese drywall builder alleged to have used the tainted drywall in building homes has been confirmed. Bradenton-based Medallion Homes, which has constructed homes for over twenty years, has been confirmed as one of the builders now known to have used drywall manufactured in China. The builder has been named as a product liability defendant in a massive defective drywall lawsuit filed against the Chinese company. The product liability lawsuit now contains more than 2,000 affected homeowners from four states.

Attorneys at Levin & Perconti have been drafting blogs about the tainted Chinese drywall for months and yet the stories keep coming. In November, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) held a symposium to discuss issues related to the tainted Chinese drywall. Prior to that, stories were released about insurers dropping homeowners with Chinese drywall, CPSC pressing China for drywall damage compensation, and other issues related to the home repairs. The first Chinese drywall trial is scheduled to be held this month. The parties in the lawsuit have agreed to inspections of 30 properties reported in order to establish a system that can be used in various trials. The property inspections are essential to helping the court understand the work that will be required and rules to be set in place. Some experts have opined that the odors, personal injuries, and corrosions blamed on the Chinese drywall may actually be caused by the failure to remove sulfur and contaminants from synthetic gypsum.

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