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Actress files personal injury suit

Famous actress Rosie Perez has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the production company for injuries sustained while taping an episode of Law & Order. Perez claims that she suffered severe personal injuries while taping an episode of Law & Order Special Victims Unit in 2009. The suit alleges that the production company was negligent in failing to use skilled performers or experienced stunt personnel in a scene wherein her character was significantly shaken by a school crossing guard. The lawsuit further claims that Rosie Perez was negligently, carelessly, violently, and recklessly pulled, grabbed, yanked, wrenched, and/or manhandled by an extra actor who played the crossing guard. The injury lawsuit alleges that Rosie Perez sustained severe and permanent personal injuries during the filming. Her personal injury attorney further reported that Ms. Perez underwent two surgeries for a herniated disc suffered during the filming. She had a spinal fusion procedure in July, where bone marrow from her pelvis was transplanted to her vertebrae in her back. However, despite the surgeries, she continues to have severe pain and numbness. The personal injury lawsuit also alleges that the actress has not been able to work in a year due to the injury.

The personal injury lawsuit seeks no specified dollar amount, but her personal injury attorney reported that the actress seeks substantial damages because she has not been able to work due to her personal injuries sustained in 2009. The producers of the Law & Order Special Victims Unit show did not respond to a request for comment from CNN and a spokesman for NBC, which airs the show, declined to comment on the personal injury lawsuit. Although this is a situation where the actress was hurt on the job, Ms. Perez did not file a workers’ compensation claim because such claims are different for artists injured on the job.

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