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Accident Fatalities Dropped in 2011, Reports National Transportation Safety Board

The National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, recently announced that transportation fatalities in the United States dropped in 2011. Preliminary figures released by the NTSB show that the fatalities declined by approximately 2 percent that year with deaths decreasing from 35,043 in 2010 to 34,434 in 2011. Some of the more notable statistics include no airline fatalities in 2011, a decrease in roadway fatalities, and an increase in boating accident fatalities. Additionally, while there were no airline fatalities in 2011, the total number of deaths in general aviation accidents increased from 476 to 494, with nearly 90 percent of those involving fatalities in general aviation.

One of the areas that is a cause for concern is the deaths involved in recreational boating. In Illinois, residents and visitors are fortunate to have many bodies of water nearby, and boating can be a great pastime when done safely. As stated, the number of deaths associated with waterways increased from 723 to 800 with recreational boating accounting for nearly all marine fatalities; 758 of the 800 deaths in all. Some of the aviation death increase can be accounted for by air taxi deaths, which rose in 2011 from 17 to 41. To read further about all of the 2011 transportation fatality statistics provided by the NTSB, click here to be taken to the NTSB website.

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