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3 Children And Two Adults Killed in Fire

A family of five, including three children as young as 15 months, died in a blaze that filled an apartment with thick black smoke and kept the victims from escaping through the front door. One 10-year-old boy survived and is now in critical condition after the fire in a city’s public housing complex. The boy was found with two other family members in a back bedroom, while the rest of the family sought refuge in a full bathtub and underneath a bathroom sink. The fire began in the kitchen of a sixth-floor apartment and the cause has not been determined. The apartment’s smoke detector had been unplugged and the battery removed. The housing authority had stated that the smoke detector was inspected six months ago and was working. A 40-year old man, 34-year-old woman, and three girls ages 8, 3 and 1 were all killed in the fire. A neighbor heard banging but could her no noise. This fire is reminiscent of the Summit apartment fire that lead to a six million dollar settlement. This settlement was obtained by the lawyers at Levin & Perconti. To read the full story, click here.