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Broken hip related to heightened risk of stroke

Recent news about hips have addressed DePuy Hip Implant recalls, but this article and research study is about a different issue regarding broken hips. So, medical studies have demonstrated that suffering a stroke is already known to increase the risk of breaking one’s hip. Now, new research hints that the reverse of the previous studies might also be true. A recent study has found that individuals with broken hips had more than a fifty percent increased risk of having a stroke within a year of their injury when compared to similar patients with no such fractures. However, the new research finding is not enough to be one hundred percent certain that hip fractures, which account for greater than 320,000 hospital admissions each year in our country, may actually cause a stroke. This finding has important ramifications as the nation’s third leading cause of death.

Statistics show that the risk of hip fractures is high in those with strokes and it was believed that this high risk was because strokes lead to falls and bone loss. One doctor opined that the new study makes him think that both hip fractures and strokes are partially due to an underlying cause of aging. Of the 256 patients who had a stroke over the course of a year, 4.1% had broken their hips previously compared with 2.7% of those who had not, which translates to more than a 50% increased risk of stroke after the injuries. Levin & Perconti is familiar with hip injuries, as we frequently interact with elderly clients and more recently, with victims of the DuPuy hip implant recall.

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