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Crave Restaurant & Bar: The Scene of Death Due to Brain Injury

A Midwestern restaurant and bar is under scrutiny after a bar patron suffered serious personal injuries that resulted in the patron’s wrongful death. Criminal charges have been filed against an employee of the Crave lounge yet no word exists yet if a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit have been filed. The bar is under investigation because its owner and manager allegedly caused disturbances and personal injuries to other patrons only weeks before the most recent fatal incident. The bar’s owner, Eric M. Fleming, allegedly caused personal injuries when he allegedly grabbed a bar patron before kicking him out of the bar. The owner was charged with disorderly conduct but as of yet no civil lawsuit has been filed. This case illustrates the risk that accompanies alcohol use and unruly bar environments where patrons and staff may act in a negligent fashion causing injuries and death. The bar fatality was caused when the patron was allegedly chased down the street and suffered from severe brain injuries. The brain injuries later caused the death of the Midwestern resident. To read more about the impact that alcohol and poor management of a tavern can cause click here.