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Cribs Across the Country are Being Recalled

Delta Enterprise Corp. will announce a recall Tuesday of 1.59 million cribs linked to two infant which continues a string of recent recalls of cribs and bassinets involving other manufactures. The spokesperson for the company said the recall stems from two different types of problematic hardware used on cribs sold from 1995 through 2005. The hardware, which includes safety pegs for one set of cribs and spring pegs for another, can create a hazard if not properly installed. A gap, which can entrap and suffocate infants, will be creating if the drop side of the crib falls and disengages. At the moment none of the cribs are in inventory at retailers, although they could be sold in secondhand stores. Additionally, Simplicity recalled 900,000 convertible bassinets after federal regulators linked the products to two infant deaths from strangulation. It is important to ensure that your crib is not one of the cribs that have been recalled as it may lead to the wrongful death of your infant. To read the full story, click here.