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1.8 million toy dart gun sets recalled after deaths of two boys

Chicago injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti read about the recent product recall involving injuries to children and wanted to share the important recall information with our readers. The asphyxiation deaths of two boys, including one Chicago wrongful death, have prompted the government to announce a product recall of 1.8 million toy dart guns. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stated that a 9 year-old boy in Chicago and a 10 year-old boy in Milwaukee both died after they chewed on the one-inch soft plastic darts, which slipped into their throats. The small suction cup part of the dart cut off the children’s breathing. The dart guns were sole nationwide extensively at Family Dollar stores.

Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman warned that parents should know about the risks to children during the preteen years that can come from aspirating these toy darts. The dart gun sets were imported by Henry Gordy International in New Jersey. CPSC stated that the New Jersey company refused to issue a product recall for the dart set, so Family Dollar worked with the agency on recalling the product. Family Dollar stated that the company has not sold the dart sets in more than a year, but wanted to issue the product recall so that customers who purchased the product in the past would be alerted. The agency advises people to immediately take the toy dart gun sets from children and discard them. Family Dollar will offer a refund. Chicago accident lawyers urge parents and guardians to examine the toys that their children have for toys that are potentially injurious.

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