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$11 million settlement in Metra Train Derailment

A Chicago judge ordered the Metra transit system to pay $11 million to settle two wrongful death lawsuits arising from the 2005 Metra derailment in Chicago that killed two woman and personally injured 117 other passengers. On Sept. 17, 2005 a five-car Rock Island Metra train headed from Joliet to downtown Chicago with 185 passengers on board derailed at a South Side track crossover, where the maximum allowable speed was 10 m.p.h. The train twisted off the rails and skidded while traveling at 69 m.p.h., forcing the fourth and fifth cars to break away. Two passengers died while riding in the fourth car. The fourth car crashed into a steel bridge. The settlement was on behalf of a 22-year-old from Oak Forest and a 38-year old from New Lenox who died. To read the full story, click here.