June 11, 2013

Chicago Woman Suing Culver's for Personal Injuries Sustained While Customer

by Levin & Perconti

A Chicago woman is suing the Culver’s fast food restaurant chain after she suffered severe personal injures as she was walking out of the restaurant and ran directly into glass paneling at one of the Culver’s Restaurants. The lawsuit claims that the restaurant failed to properly mark the glass door, located right near the exit to the restaurant, causing the woman to not realize the glass paneling was there and walk directly into it.

The victim suffered her injuries in December 2011 when she was leaving the restaurant and thought she was walking through an open exit, which was actually the glass panel. She suffered number of serious injuries, including a dislocated jaw, a broken nose, a torn rotator cuff and injuries to the soft tissue in her neck and back. The woman’s lawsuit also alleges that she suffered emotional trauma as a result of this incident, likely because the crash into the paneling happened in front of a restaurant full of people. According to Press-Citizen, the victim is still suffering a year and a half later, and is still being treated in connection with the personal injuries that she sustained in this accident.

The lawsuit alleges that the restaurant acted negligently in failing to clearly mark the glass paneling, which made it difficult to realize that there was glass paneling in that section of the restaurant. In order to sue for negligence, it does not mean that the party being sued necessarily did anything intentionally wrong, but rather that the party responsible should have known that what they were doing was dangerous and should have taken the proper precautions to avoid personal injuries to others. An expert, that the victim intends to call should the case continue to trial, believes that the failure to label the glass panel was a violation of the standard of care for this type of commercial building. This means that in this type of building, for this type of paneling, the safety precautions should have been greater. The attorney for the victim stated that this means that there should have been some kind of decal or bar on the glass panel indicating that it was there.

Many people are injured while eating out or shopping or in other places of business. If the injury was likely caused because the business had put the customers in some type of danger while on the premises or even acted negligently and failed to take necessary precautions to protect customers from easily avoidable injuries while on their premises, then the business may be liable. If you or a loved one was injured in a situation where it appears that the personal injury would not have occurred had the party responsible followed the appropriate standard of care, please contact our Chicago attorneys today to discuss what happened to you or your family. Please call as soon as possible, since there is a time limit (or statute of limitations) on this type of personal injury case and we want to make sure you do not miss your change to hold the person or party responsible for their negligence.